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Filter 250M profiles to always find the right influencers

Search & filter every creator on Earth for YouTube & TikTok. Find the perfect influencers for your brand.

Find more potential partners than ever before. If you’re wondering: “Does Influencify list creators in X?”, the answer is yes.

Lookalike Search

Find influencers; grow faster by doing more of what works

Use lookalike searches to find influencers & audiences similar to the ones that worked best for your brand.

Replicate your successes faster & more reliably. Partner with hundreds of influencers that effectively promote your brand.

Negative Filters

Apply negative filters

If you’re Pepsi, you don’t want end up working with someone who’s posted things about Coca Cola in the past. You can then set “coca cola” as a negative filter for Mentions, and you’ll only see influencers who haven’t ever mentioned or been sponsored by your competitor.

You can apply negative searches to almost all influencer filters, like exclude influencers within specific age group, language, interest, or even have a specific word in their bio


Reveal influencers that already love your brand

Our platform shows you all influencers that follow your Youtube or Tiktok profile

Upload your email or customers list and will tell you which one of them is an influencer


Export all the search results in CSV or json

Get a list of all the resluts exported off the platfrom in a neat CSV file for your firect outreach campaigns

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