Identify influencers among your customers or followers

Influential customers

Get the most out of your email list

Drag and drop your list to instantly reveal matched influencers among your list. 

Save time and unlock endless possibilities as you tap into the untapped potential of influencer marketing with ease. Harness the true potential of your email list like never before.

Influential followers

Reveal influencers among your brand's social media followers

How many followers does your brand has on Tiktok or Youtube? How many of those followers could be an influencer?!

Who can be a more authentic and natural influencer than your own influential followers?

Reveal all influencers that are already in your followers or likers base.

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One-click influencer outreach

Connect your email and directly invite entire lists of influencers to your campaign in just a few clicks with bulk emails and merge field personalization

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Get micro-influencers promoting your brand,
generating content and increasing your sales