Scale your Shopify brand like crazy with Micro-Influencers

Find and recruit from 250+ Million Tiktok, Youtube influencers in United States, EU & North America. 

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Influencer Marketing for shopify stores

Influencer marketing, affiliate programs, creator management, user generated content, brand ambassadors: Get access to a complete set of tools essential for managing & scaling your influencer marketing campaigns


Harness the untapped potential of micro-influencers onnst Tiktok and Youtube


See all creators hired, drafts submitted, sales generated, and payments issued in one place.

Pay & gift

Give influencers the freedom to choose the products they want to promote directly from your store

Track sales

See all the results of your campaigns in one place: Revenue, ROI, commissions to be paid

What influencers can you get?

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Screenshot 2023-07-24 at 2.44.55 AM
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Influential fans​​

Reveal Influencers Among Your Fans And Customers​

Who can be a more authentic and natural influencer than your own followers?

Reveal all influencers that are already follow you on Tiktok or Youtube

Upload your email list and find influencers among them.


Over 38M influencers to help you shake up your Shopify marketing

A Revolutionary new way of finding Brand-Fit influencers on Tiktok & Youtube

To help you shake up your shopify marketing

Use lookalike search to find influencers similar to the ones that work best.

Why Influencify?

You’ll get influencers search, analytics, CRM and ROI Tracking


More Influencers

Get more options with the biggest influencers database on the planet and leverage the power of 300M micro influencers


Better Data

95% accurate influencer analytics, daily updated database to bring you the most accurate publicly available data 

2 Sides


Not just influencers database, it’s a 2 sides platform for Influencers & advertisers to collaborate.

Audience Demographics

View influencers’ statistics with full transparency

It’s not always follower count that brings in the revenue

Get a best-in-class analytical report of any YouTube, TikTok account

Check fake followers and reveal influencer audience data such as age groups, gender, country of origin or interests.

Reveal audience demographics like countries, language, gender and more

Outreach & Tracking

Automate outreach & Run unlimited campaigns

Contact entire lists of influencers in just a few clicks with bulk emails and merge field personalization.

Have influencers submit their drafts and open a two-way communication between influencers and your team.

Keep track of how many influencers have been invited to collaborate, which ones replied yes, and where your price negotiations stand.

Start your journey today

Get micro-influencers promoting your brand,
generating content and increasing your sales